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Donate to NOTES 2023 today!

By supporting the NOTES campaign, YOU ARE MAKING A DIFFERENCE!

We are no longer accepting donations on this campaign, but there are other ways for you to support us today!

$10 towards $300

EYSO's Youth Symphony is collecting donations as part of our annual fundraising campaign: NOTES. This campaign runs from January 22 to March 26.

This year, we are celebrating our 47th season with the theme Design. Today, EYSO serves nearly 400 students in 4th grade through college from 70 different communities via five orchestras, as well as percussion ensembles, Brass Choir and Flute Choir. The mission of EYSO is to create a community of young musicians, enriching their lives and the lives of their families, schools, communities, and beyond, through the study and performance of excellent music. By supporting the NOTES campaign, you are impacting the lives of so many!

This is my fifth and final year playing the flute in EYSO, and this organization has impacted my life profoundly. I have been in the Youth Symphony for four years, and in an honors chamber ensemble for two years. My time in EYSO has fostered my love of both listening to and performing music, as well as increased my ability to understand and appreciate any kind of music---either classical or the rock-and-roll that I listen to on my way to rehearsal! I have learned to look further into music than just the notes on the page, and I am motivated to continue seeking out music throughout college and beyond.

Tuition covers only one-third of the total cost of each member’s participation in EYSO. Our NOTES campaign helps keep tuition reasonable and offsets program costs. Donations of any size can make a real impact!

I want other young musicians to experience what I am lucky enough to have gone through, and donating to the NOTES campaign will help them do that!

In addition to offsetting the cost of tuition, the generosity of people like you also helps to:

  • Provide a more diverse repertoire of music.
  • Support guest coaches and conductors who are leaders in the field of music education.
  • Allows EYSO to have a broader reach by offering innovative community programs and initiatives.

Thank you so much for supporting the students of EYSO and the power of music education!