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Dear friends and family,

My name is Mairéad Bradley, and I have been playing the cello since I was 4 years old. This is my second year playing with Elgin Youth Symphony Orchestras (EYSO). Every year EYSO has a fundraiser to support the cost of tuition and raise awareness for the orchestra.

Our orchestra season runs from August to May, starting off with a one-day orchestra camp and ending with the last concert of the season. I go every Sunday to Elgin so that I can make music with other children my age. In EYSO there are five separate orchestras. The orchestra you are in is determined by your age and your level of playing. I am currently in Prelude, the second group. Last year I was in Primo, the first group.

My parents pay tuition for me to be able to participate in EYSO. What they pay is only a third of the cost. The other two-thirds comes from the NOTES campaign. One third of the tuition only covers EYSO from August to November, our first concert of the season.

Elgin Youth Symphony Orchestras is a non-profit organization. That means that it does not make money off of the orchestra. For the other two-thirds of the year it runs off the money we raise for the NOTES campaign. This year our goal is to raise $54,500 dollars.

Playing in EYSO is so much fun! One of the three pieces we are working on right now is Cumbia Y Congo. It was written by William Grant Still, an African-American composer. He was the first African-American composer to conduct a major American symphony orchestra, among many other accomplishments.

Thank you so much for your support!